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1. What Are the Hours of the Residents Clubs?
2. Can Residents Use Both Starpointe and Presidio Residents Clubs?
3. How Do I Get An Estrella ID Card To Enter The Clubs?
4. What Should I Do If I Lose My Estrella ID Card?
5. How Do I Get a Guest Pass Form If I Am Not in the Area?
6. What Do I Have To Do to Bring In Guests?
7. How Many Guest Passes Do We Get Per Year?
8. What Can I Bring To the Pool Areas at Starpointe and Presidio Residents Clubs?
9. Are There Requirements For Children Wearing Diapers In The Pools?
10. How Old Do Residents Have To Be To Use the Pool and Fitness Center Without Supervision?
11. Can CantaMia Residents Use Starpointe and Presidio Residents Club Amenities?