2022 Open Forum Topics and Follow Up

Please refer to the table below for an update on items brought to the Board of Directors' attention during Open Forum at the monthly Board meetings. Please be advised that the items addressed below are of general interest to the entire Estrella community. Matters that are of a specific resident concern are addressed individually and directly with that resident. 

Open Forum TopicStatusAction Taken
Why do committees meet at varied times during the day?CompleteIn the General Committee Guidelines that were established by the Board of Directors in 2019, the committees meet at a time that is convenient for the members of the committee. The committee meeting dates and times are published on the Life in Estrella website and in the twice-weekly email newsletters. All committee meetings are open for residents to attend.
Are the tally sheets for the recent Boards of Directors elections available to residents?CompleteYes.  All ballots received for the Boards of Directors elections are available to review by any resident of the Association. To review the ballots, please contact the Community Services Office at 623-386-1112.
What is the latest update on the VCA wall arbitration?In progressAn update on the VCA wall arbitration is provided at each Board of Director's meeting.  In the October 25, 2022 Board meeting, the following statement was given: "As I indicated during the Annual Meeting last month, the first segment of the arbitration concluded on September 9th. Written closing arguments were submitted to the arbitrators on September 26th. We anticipate the arbitrators' decision on this portion of the arbitration by the end of this week." Bob Nobis for the VCA and EJC Boards
When will the new heaters be installed at the Presidio pool?CompletedThe new pool heaters have been installed.
What do Canta Mia residents get for their Estrella Joint Committee Assessment?
CompletedCanta Mia residents have access to the Yacht Club, North and South Lakes, all community parks that are not within a gated community and are welcome to attend all events hosted by the Estrella community.
Where can the Committee Guidelines be found on the website?
The Committee Guidelines can be found on the Life in Estrella website under the Estrella Governance tab in the Committees section and under each of the Committee’s pages.
What happened to the Annual Community Survey?
CompletedThe last Annual Community Survey was held in 2019.  Since then, the Board of Directors approved a recommendation by the Communications Committee to conduct smaller, focused surveys more frequently in lieu of the Annual Community Survey.
What is the process for the management contract renewal?
CompletedThe Board of Directors approved a new five-year management contract with CCMC in the August 2022 Board of Directors meeting.  
Request to update the approved flag list to include the Pride Flag.
CompletedThe Board of Directors reviewed the flag policy in the August 2022 Board of Directors meeting and made a motion to approve only flags allowed by federal or state statute.
Use of community amenities by non-residents and the possibility of posting additional "private property" signageCompletedSigns with the trespassing statute have been installed at South Lake Park.  In the August 2022 Board Meeting, the Board of Directors approved a project for Star Tower that includes additional signage.  This project was completed in October 2022.
Excessive noiseCompletedEstrella has an excessive noise policy. While residents are welcome to contact the Community Services Office (or Community Patrol after hours), the best practice is to contact the the City of Goodyear Police Department's non-emergency number at 623-932-1220 to report excessive noise at a neighboring residence. Then, please advise the Community Services office at 623-386-1112 of that address so that we can issue an excessive noise fine. Fines are as follows: $300.00 for the first violation, $500.00 for the second violation, and $750.00 for third and subsequent violations. 
Request to add a gate at the Yacht Club Parking LotUnder reviewAs this property is not owned by the Association, this matter is for consideration by Estrella's developer. 
Sand volleyball court sprinkler system at South Lake Park is not operational.CompletedThe sprinkler system at South Lake Park sand volleyball court is operational.
Change in expiration date on guest pass form CompletedForms have been changed and can now be signed six months in advance.
Request to update the approved plant list, to include the addition of Pigmy palms to the approved plant list, and to approve the placement of seasonal flowers in front yards
CompletedUpdated Landscape Guidelines were presented at the May 24 Board of Directors meeting. The ECA and VCA Boards approved the following updates to each Association's Landscape Guidelines: reducing the minimum front yard plant requirements from 25 to seven medium-sized plants having a two-foot diameter at maturity, and allowing approved palms and seasonal flowers in front yards with proper maintenance. 
Yacht Club flag maintenanceCompletedThe Yacht Club flag has been replaced and the flagpole adjusted for ease of flag replacement.
Plans to increase number of tennis courts or exercise and meeting facilities in Estrella Mountain RanchUnder reviewThis matter is for consideration by Estrella's developer and the City of Goodyear.
Location of meeting minutes on websiteCompletedMeeting minutes are posted in the Agenda Center of the LifeInEstrella website after the Communications Department receives approved minutes from the Committee Chair or Meeting Secretary. For example, April meeting minutes are posted when they are approved at May meetings.  
Request to pave Casa Lucero Parking LotUnder reviewAs this property is not owned by the Association, this matter is for consideration by Estrella's developer.