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Estrella Home Modification Application

  1. Type of Application*

    Please check the type of application(s) applying for and review and submit the items needed for the application(s) described in the Application Checklists.

  2. Please provide description of submittal with detailed information and attach a copy of plan, and a photo of your existing house.

  3. Estrella Home Modification Application Checklist

    General Requirements for Every Application

  4. Rear/Front Yard Landscaping

  5. Rear/Front Yard Hardscape

  6. Swimming Pool/Spa Plans

  7. Pergola Plans

  8. Yard Lighting

  9. Yard Decoration

  10. Storage Shed/Detached Structures

  11. Play Structure

  12. Trampoline

  13. Security Screen Door

  14. Window Sunscreens

  15. Paint Changes

  16. Concrete Additions

  17. Patio Cover Plans

  18. Solar Panels/Equipment

  19. Granite Replacement Front/Rear

  20. BBQ/Firepit

  21. Home/Yard Lighting

  22. Home Stone Addition

  23. Applicant Acknowledgement*

    The submittal of this application does not constitute approval of the proposed plan. Written notification of the Design Review Committee's decision will be supplied to the Applicant within 45 days after receipt of all required information. Such approval shall not constitute an approval, ratification or endorsement of the quality or architectural or engineering soundness of the proposed improvements and neither the Committee nor the Board shall have any liability for any defects in the plans, specification or improvements. Construction must not begin until the Committee has reviewed and approved the plans in writing. As Applicant, I have read and understand the Community Handbook, Design Guidelines, Use Restrictions and Rules and applicable CC and R’s concerning design and construction in Estrella. As Applicant, I acknowledge that the persons reviewing the plans and specifications will change from time to time and that opinions on aesthetic matters, as well as interpretation and application of these guidelines, may vary accordingly.

    In addition, I acknowledge that it may not always be possible to identify objectionable features of proposed improvements until the improvements have been completed, in which case it may be unreasonable to require changes to the improvements involved. However, the Committee may refuse to approve similar proposals in the future. I agree to pay any costs incurred by the Association if I fail to meet the standards established by the Committee and the Board of Directors.

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